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Student applications

Welcome to Ciência sem Fronteiras UK. In this section you will find further information on how to apply for Ciência sem Fronteiras scholarships (undergraduate and PhD). You can also find out more about the UK's English language requirements as well as how to apply for a visa. 

We hope you choose to study in the UK, we have lots to offer:

World class education - you will experience the best education at the UK's universities which are recognised across the world for their excellence, range and quality.

Culture and entertainment - you will also be able to enjoy everything that UK life has got to offer.  From historic sites, world class museums and galleries, to contemporary music, world famous festivals and an endless variety of restaurants and bars; the UK is a fascinating and diverse country.  Whether you like city or country life, there is a great deal to explore and the cosmopolitan culture of the UK means that you will settle in faster than you think. 

Developing English language skills - whatever you choose to study, your time in the UK will help you develop your English language skills and improve your career prospects as English is the international language of business, science and IT.

For further information about 'Life in the UK' please click here.