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Ciência sem Fronteiras is a Brazilian Government scholarship programme which aims to send 101,000 Brazilian students on undergraduate sandwich courses, PhD sandwich courses and full PhDs to study in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and creative industries at top universities around the world.

Ciência sem Fronteiras no Reino Unido is the first large scale student mobility programme operated in the UK. This ground breaking initiative, will see the UK welcome up to 10,000 Brazilian students over the next four years from September 2012.

Ciência sem Fronteiras no Reino Unido is managed by the UK HE International Unit (IU) on behalf of Universities UK.  Universities UK is the representative organisation for the UK's universities. Founded in 1918, its mission is to be the definitive voice for all universities in the UK, providing high quality leadership and support to its members to promote a successful and diverse higher education sector. With 134 members and offices in London, Cardiff and Edinburgh, it promotes the strength and success of UK universities nationally and internationally.

Ciência sem Fronteiras no Reino Unido is supported at the highest levels of UK and Brazil governments.  The UK and Brazil are committed to building on this successful programme, developing partnerships between our two governments, higher education institutions and the private sector to support further collaboration between the two countries.

Science without Borders is run and managed by two Brazilian higher education agencies CAPES and CNPq.

In addition to sending 101,000 of the best Brazilian students and researchers to the best universities in the world, the programme will also provide 'Inbound Fellowships', which aim to bring to Brazilian universities and research centres a total of 1,250 researchers (860 early-career researchers and 390 senior scholars) under an unparalleled funding scheme.

The 'Young Talent' awards fully fund 1-3 year research stays in Brazil with an attractive package (round-trip tickets, relocation expenses, a tax-free highly competitive lecturer-level monthly allowance, a contribution toward research costs and funding for research assistantship) and a particularly generous 2-3 year grant is available to 'Special Visiting Researchers' (round-trip tickets for every 1-3 month annual visit to Brazil, a tax-free highly competitive senior-level monthly allowance, a contribution toward research costs and funding for a 'Sandwich PhD' in their home country and a Post-doctoral Fellow in Brazil).

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